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Feb 1, 2013 8:00am PST
of remembrance ten years after the columbia accident. steve harrigan is live in cape canaveral, florida. steve? >> reporter: jon, a day of remembrance here, but also a day of gratitude, remembering those who gawf their lives for -- gave their lives for space exploration. among the speakers, the widow of the commander of the spaceship columbia. >> february 1, 2003, became a traumatic, shocking day. anticipating a joyful homecoming of our crew, we were jolted in the viewing area into a nightmarish stroll of fear, uncertainty and horror. that led to a crushing announcement that the crew had perished. >> reporter: three major tragedies in nasa's history claimed the lives of 17 astronauts beginning in 1967 with the apollo i, a fire onboard the capsule on the launching pad claimed the lives of three including gus brisesome, a veteran of the america ri program, and then again in 1986 it was the space shuttle challenger. that shuttle flew for just 73 seconds before exploding, a tragedy that was captured before the ideas of many school children, that's because it was the first teacher in space program,
FOX News
Feb 6, 2013 8:00am PST
? and can congress stop it? steve centanni takes a look at that live from washington, steve. >> reporter: this is an attempt to save $2 billion a year north post office, but it does set up a possible showdown with congress. hires the plan, starting in august all first class letters will be delivered only monday through friday, not on saturdays. packages, which are still a money-maker for the post office will be delivered. and medicines would go through on saturday as well. mail will continue going to post office boxes on saturdays, and those branches that are open now will stay open on saturdays. the postmaster general believes he can move ahead without congressional action. listen. >> it is our opinion that the way that the law is set right now with the continuing resolution that we can make this change. the good news is the continuing resolution that governs the postal service that way expires on the 27th of march, so there is plenty of time in there that if there is some disagreement we can get that resolved. >> reporter: one key lawmaker is disappointed but says sepz tomorrow carver
FOX News
Feb 8, 2013 8:00am PST
and to get the copycat wiped off the books. steve harris began in live in boca roo tone. steve? >> reporter: jon, this is the manages behind me that caused all the fuss. the locks have been changed in the past 24 hours. police rolled in 1:00 yesterday afternoon. they were looking for "loki boy", the brazilian national who squatted the last two months. they didn't find him. they found a house full of garbage. they pulled out the garbage and changed locks. they spoke to a number of neighbors that were worried about to hire their own private security. they say the two month ordeal is over. now they are relieved. >> i think we'll sleep better. the neighborhood will be quieter eventually. maybe not today. but maybe tomorrow. >> we're finally relieved. we'll go back to normal. >> reporter: "loki boy" was relying on an obscure florida law called, adverse possession. it really dates back to the 18 hundreds and was used to make sure farmland did not go fallow, to not allow squatters to move into million dollar mansions a number of florida officials are working hard to get that law off the books. >>
FOX News
Feb 5, 2013 8:00am PST
in charge steve richardson talking about the 5-year-old rescued in alabama, 5-year-old named oath than. it was very complex, very sensitive ordeal as you know. agents dealing with suspect who shot and killed a bus driver and kidnapped the 5-year-old and held him hostage in a bunker for nearly a week. agents were working round-the-clock to get him out safely and they succeeded but how did they do it? joining us a retired fbi agent and mary ellen o'toole, retired fbi profiler and author of the book, dangerous instincts, how gut feelings betray us all. speaking about gut feelings, this really rattled a lot of us. for many of us this seemed to be a dangerous situation from the very beginning. tell us about the moment when as a negotiator you know that the only course here is to go in? how do you know that? tell us about that. >> well, it was a very dangerous situation and sensitive from the very beginning, and as part of this case what would have happened is the anticipating of looking for certain behaviors as the case evolved. so when they saw it, they would know, this is the time, this i
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)